Allah, Al-Wasi

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Questions (Iman in Allah)

1-Explain the relation between religion and Iman, and attaining tranquility and comfort.

2-Define Iman and mentions its effects on the community.

3-What are the needs and requirements of Iman in Allah?

4-What are the best and the purest of deeds in the sight of Allah the Exalted?

5-Mention the fruits of Iman in Allah that you feel have an impact on you, your family and your community.

6-What are the requirements of Iman in Allah"s messengers?

7-Why is love of the Prophet’s Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) a part of having Iman in the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself?

8-Describe the scenes and horrors of the Day of Judgement in sequence, starting with the minor signs and continuing till the people of Jannah enter Jannah and the people of the Naar enter the Naar.

9-What are the most important deeds that make the slave of Allah enter Jannah and save him from the Naar?

10-Explain how the fruits of Iman in the Last Day effect your worship and your fear and love of Allah.

11-How great is the bliss of Jannah? And how humiliating is the torture of the Naar?