He is, Allah, As-Samad (the Eternal, the Satisfier of Every Need).

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Questions (Know Allah, The One and only God)-2

1-Define love.

2-Mention how your love for Allah the Exalted affects you and your life.

3-Is it possible to worship Allah by only loving Him, without having fear or hope in Him? Prove your answer by mentioning an example from the life of the prophets.

4-What happens to a slave when he is loved by Allah?

5-Explain the connection between the Names and Attributes of Allah and loving Him.

6-Does having hope in Allah motivate a person to perform good deeds? Explain in the light of the following ayah: "So whoever would hope for the meeting with his Lord - let him do righteous work and not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord" (Al-Kahf: 110).

7-Does having hope in Allah mean we do not fear Him? Or do both hope and fear complement each other?

8-Mention the beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah that you know whose belief in them require having hope in Him.

9-Mention what increases the amount of fear of Allah, the Exalted, you have.

10-Mention the beautiful names and attributes of Allah the Exalted which make one fear Him.

11-What should the person who fears Allah do?

12-What should be the effects of the following acts of worship on one’s behaviour and deeds: Tahara- Salah - Zakat - Sawm – Hajj?

13-Describe the Iman of a person who does not perform salah? Give proof of your answer.

14-Is it possible for a person to perform Salah but his Salah does not prevent him from committing sins or doing wrong?

15-How does Iman in Allah reflect in the treatment of our children, wives, relatives, neighbours and all the people?