Allah, Al-Muqeet (the Sustainer, the Nourisher, the Preserver)

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Questions (Know Allah the Khaleq (the Creator), the Bari (Initiator))

1-If the proofs of Allah"s existence are so apparent and clear, as indicated by the mind, senses, natural disposition and religion, then why are there any atheists?!

2-Why are people aware of Allah"s Robobeyya (Lordship) (that Allah is the Sustainer, Manager of affairs, Protector) before being aware of His Uluheyya (Divinity)?

3-Mention a number of proofs of the existence of Allah and His Lordship that you notice every day.

4-Mention some of the meanings of Almighty Allah"s Lordship.

5-Explain the connection between atheism and suicide, and why does the former lead to the latter?